Ready to take the first step and

Take this short quiz (which you are going to pass with flying colors):

  1. Do you take work stress home with you?
  2. Are you engaged in a tug-of-war with your employees?
  3. Are you fearful of telling your team what you really think?
  4. Rating your work stress around leading and managing people (on a scale of 1–10, with 10 being maximum stress), are you a “5” . . . or higher?


If you answered YES! to any of these questions, then Jamie Sussel Turner’s Less Stress Business Coaching is where you begin to uncover the sources of your business stress. It’s where you start learning new tools and techniques that allow you to thrive and not struggle to survive. It’s where you rekindle your innate talents that have become long–buried under all your stress.

You are probably thinking, “How do I do THAT!!?” You do it by discovering how to apply Jamie’s seven, client–tested, Less Stress Business Practices:

  • Say Yes to Less Stress
  • Aspire Higher When You Hire
  • Keep Talking When the Honeymoon is Over
  • Open the Door to Feedback
  • Ready, Aim, Fire That Employee!
  • Delegate or Die Trying
  • Confront Dysfunction so Your Team Can Function

Ready to take the first step and SAY YES TO LESS STRESS? Then let Jamie and Less Stress Business Coaching be your guide to hiring, coaching, and leading great employees!

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“I just reviewed my 2011 financial statements with a business adviser who said, ‘Wow, 30% growth in a bad economy, maybe I should be doing what you are!”’So, what did I do? I hired Jamie! She helped me see how to step up and be a better leader. I no longer run from hard conversations, ignore troubling situations, repair other people’s drama, or fail to follow through. My business now has huge financial growth AND a balanced culture of communication, creativity and learning. In over 100 sessions Jamie and I built a lasting relationship, and I can’t imagine my business without her.”
Christine Zilinski, Owner of Salon Concrete

Photo credit: Sue Barr Photo