Top Five Posts from 2013

award-ribbonDrum roll please…here are my top five blog posts from 2013, based on the topics that garnered the most views from all of you.

Many thanks for reading throughout the year. My blog has doubled the number of followers since last year, so welcome to my new readers and thanks to everyone for staying with me.

So, as 2014 begins, I’m committed to continuing to support you in tackling your leadership and life challenges —and reducing your stress too! So, get in touch with any issues you’d like to see addressed in this space.

Post Number Five: The Secret to Staying Calm in a Difficult Conversation

Teaching me to not interrupt didn’t help. Teaching me to ask questions didn’t help. Telling me to just calm down didn’t help. Suggesting that I stay curious is what did help. (Click here to read more)

Post Number Four: “Thank You for Listening”

“Thank you for listening.” Hearing these simple words of gratitude at the end of a conversation was a new experience back in 2004. Now, I smile inwardly when I hear these four words, feeling like I’ve just been given an A+ on my personal growth report card. (Click here to read more):

Post Number Three: Five Ways Leaders Can Develop a Thick Skin

When a leader I admire used a Facebook status update to respond to public criticism, I thought, “She’s gotta get a thicker skin.” If you’re a leader you know what I mean. It can get pretty darn rough out there. People talk about us. They disagree with our decisions. We walk into the staff lounge and the sudden silence gives us a chill. Some of the barbed comments find their way back to us when a “helpful” employee just wants us to know what the masses are thinking. (Click here to read more):

Post Number Two: The Bermuda Triangle of Relationships

Quick, name a dynamic that sinks relationships as fast as the Bermuda Triangle sinks ships. It’s as forceful as a wave and can be just as destructive. The answer—a triangle!Triangular relationships emerge in the workplace, in romance, in families; wherever there are more than two people present. (Click here to read more):

And the Top Post for 2013: Even if You Can Force an Apology Should You?

Should we ever force someone to apologize? If we’re in a position of authority, where we can initiate apologies between kids or employees, should we? When we feel hurt or wronged, what might we want to hear instead of a forced apology? (Click here to read more):

Sending my best wishes to you for a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

2 thoughts on “Top Five Posts from 2013

  1. Congratulations on all of your posts Jamie. Each and every one has been spot on and helpful! Looking forward to more in 2014! Mary

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